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Candlestick analysis is a popular and powerful method used by traders to understand price action in the financial markets. The Candle Sizes Indicator for MT5 is a valuable tool that helps traders analyze and interpret the sizes of individual candlesticks. By providing insights into the range and volatility of price movements, this indicator allows traders to make informed trading decisions. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of the Candle Sizes Indicator for MT5 and guide you on how to download it for free.

Understanding the Candle Sizes Indicator

The Candle Sizes Indicator calculates and displays the size of each candlestick on the price chart. It measures the difference between the high and low prices of each candlestick and presents this information in a user-friendly format. The indicator provides numerical values or graphical representations of the candle sizes, allowing traders to assess the magnitude of price movements.

By analyzing the candle sizes, traders can gain insights into the market’s volatility and momentum. Larger candle sizes indicate greater price movement and potentially stronger trends, while smaller candle sizes suggest decreased volatility and consolidation. Traders can use this information to identify potential breakout opportunities, confirm trend reversals, or gauge the strength of a trend.

Key Features of the Candle Sizes Indicator

The Candle Sizes Indicator offers several key features that enhance its functionality:

  1. Customizable Settings: Traders can customize the indicator’s parameters to suit their trading preferences. This includes adjusting the look-back period for calculating the candle sizes, choosing the color scheme for the graphical representation, and modifying the display options.
  2. Numerical and Graphical Representation: The indicator provides both numerical values and graphical representations of the candle sizes. Traders can choose their preferred mode of display, whether it’s displaying the candle sizes as numbers or using visual elements such as bars or lines to represent the sizes on the chart.
  3. Multiple Time Frame Analysis: The Candle Sizes Indicator allows traders to analyze candle sizes across different time frames. This enables a comprehensive view of price action, from short-term intraday movements to longer-term trends. Traders can identify patterns or divergences in candle sizes across multiple time frames, enhancing their understanding of market dynamics.
  4. Historical Data Analysis: The indicator stores historical candle size data, allowing traders to review past price movements and patterns. This historical analysis can provide valuable insights into market behavior and help traders identify recurring patterns or trends.

Key Benefits of the Candle Sizes Indicator

Incorporating the Candle Sizes Indicator into your trading strategy can provide several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Price Analysis: The indicator adds another layer of information to your price analysis by focusing on candlestick sizes. By considering the magnitude of price movements, you can gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics and make more informed trading decisions.
  2. Confirmation of Price Patterns: The Candle Sizes Indicator can confirm or validate various candlestick patterns. For example, larger candle sizes may strengthen the validity of engulfing patterns or indicate a stronger breakout from a consolidation phase.
  3. Volatility Assessment: By analyzing candle sizes, traders can assess market volatility. Larger candle sizes indicate higher volatility, which may present trading opportunities for trend-following or breakout strategies. Conversely, smaller candle sizes may indicate low volatility and signal potential range-bound conditions.
  4. Timing Entries and Exits: The Candle Sizes Indicator can assist traders in timing their entries and exits. Traders may choose to enter a trade when there is a significant increase in candle size, indicating a potential breakout or trend continuation. Conversely, decreasing candle sizes may signal a potential trend reversal or impending consolidation, prompting traders to consider exiting their positions.

How to Download the Candle Sizes Indicator for MT5

To download the Candle Sizes Indicator for MT5, follow these steps:

  1. Find a reliable source or website that offers the Candle Sizes Indicator for free download. Ensure that the source is reputable and trusted.
  2. Locate the download link for the indicator and click on it to initiate the download process. Save the indicator file to a directory on your computer where you can easily access it.
  3. Open your MT5 trading platform and navigate to the “File” tab in the top menu. From the dropdown menu, select “Open Data Folder” to open the platform’s data folder.
  4. Within the data folder, locate the “MQL5” directory and open it. Inside the “MQL5” directory, find the “Indicators” folder and open it as well.
  5. Copy the downloaded Candle Sizes Indicator file from the directory where you saved it and paste it into the “Indicators” folder.
  6. Restart your MT5 trading platform to ensure that the indicator is properly installed.
  7. To apply the Candle Sizes Indicator to a chart, open the desired chart and click on the “Insert” tab in the platform’s menu. Navigate to “Indicators” and select the Candle Sizes Indicator from the list. Adjust the indicator’s settings as desired and click “OK” to apply it to the chart.


The Candle Sizes Indicator for MT5 is a valuable tool for traders seeking to enhance their price analysis and gain deeper insights into market dynamics. By analyzing candlestick sizes, traders can assess volatility, confirm price patterns, and make more informed trading decisions. Download the Candle Sizes Indicator for MT5 from a trusted source and integrate it into your trading strategy to improve your trading accuracy and efficiency. Remember to always practice proper risk management and combine the indicator with other technical analysis tools for a comprehensive trading approach.

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