Mbfx timing indicator with alert for MT4

What is the Mbfx indicator?

Mbfx indicator is an mt4 technical oscillator that shows trends of price on the chart in trading. This is an oscillator that oscillates about the zero line. 

It shows the ranging and trending market conditions in the form of different colors. 

mbfx timing indicator mt4

How does mbfx indicator work in mt4?

Mbfx indicator uses three colors to indicate trend and range. 

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow

You can also modify colors in the settings of the mt4 indicator. 

The green color is used to represent the bullish trend. It means the price will go up when mbfx oscillator will turn green. The orange color indicates the bearish trend of price. Price will go down when the indicator will turn to orange color. The yellow color indicates a ranging market structure. You should avoid trading during yellow color and wait for the indicator to show a sell or buy signal. 

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Mbfx signals

Mbfx indicator includes a complete trading system. it uses mathematical formulae to generate buy or sell signals. 

Buy signal

When mbfx oscillator line will turn green then place a buy order instantly. Keep on holding the trade until color changes. Close the trade when the color changes from green to yellow or orange. 

Sell signal

Place a sell instantly when the oscillator line turns orange. Hold the sell trade until color changes from Orange to green or yellow. 

Avoid trading

Close all the running trades when the oscillator line turns yellow. This color indicates the retracement period. Wait for a green or orange color to open a new order. 

mbfx mt4 indicator


Mbfx is an all-in-one indicator that guides traders from order opening to order closing. It is made by using other price oscillators. 

To get a high winning ratio, you should trade on higher timeframes like H4 and daily TF. Make sure to backtest properly before trading on a live account. Backtesting will prepare you to tackle difficult times in trading.

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