Signal Bars Indicator MT4

The Signal Bars Indicator MT4 displays the trends of the different smaller timeframes (from one minute up to four hours) without switching back to those time frames.

Uses of Signal Bars Indicator MT4

The main benefit of having this indicator stems from a specific way of thinking about trading that adheres to the notion. It is safer to trade in the trend direction in larger time frames. That is, when you spot the buy signal on the 15-minute chart, you should only consider this buy signal if the trend on the one-hour time frame is an uptrend.

However, the reverse is true. The reason behind doing this is that going one or two frames higher means that the trend will be stronger. It will reduce the risk associated with trading when you trade in the direction of the longer time frame. If you decide to apply something in the opposite direction of this rule, then you’re not in line with the trend

Trading signals of Signal Bars Indicator

This Signals Bars Indicator MT4 gives sell signals by making utilization of the blue diamond symbols and buy calls using diamonds in orange.

A Solid Trading System

The Signal Bars Indicator MT4 is not different from other indicators. It strengthens a firm knowledge and understanding of how the market functions. Patterns and trends in the market are consistent; however, it requires a skilled or experienced eye to detect the patterns quickly. This Signal Bars Indicator MT4 provides various trading opportunities that must be evaluated objectively to confirm the risks of committing to processing orders for trading.

Input Parameters

The following image shows the input parameters of the signals bars indicator. Feel free to experiment with settings so that they can adequately fit your requirements.


The signal bar indicator MT4 confirms the trading entries and exits in combining other forex trading strategies. It is a handy indicator for short-term trading, specifically from one minute to four hours.

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