SF trend lines indicator for MT4: FREE Download

SF Trend Lines Indicator

Introduction to SF trend lines indicator SF trend line indicator is an mt4 technical indicator that draws trend lines and channels on a candlestick chart automatically.  The trend line and the channel is major tool to identify the direction of the trend on the price chart. The upward trend channel indicates a bullish trend and … Read more

Center of gravity mt4 indicator: FREE Download

center of gravity mt4

What is the Center of gravity indicator? The Center of gravity indicator is an mt4 indicator in which the centerline acts as a gravity line. it attracts the price each time price goes away from this line.  This indicator uses the average value of high and low waves. The average value attracts the price like … Read more

ATR Channel Indicator for MT4

ATR channel indicator mt4

ATR Channel indicator is an mt4 technical indicator that shows the channel of the average true range of previous candlesticks.  The average true range channel helps in determining the stop loss and take profit levels in trading. The channel high and low represents the average high or low of a specific number of previous candlesticks.  … Read more

Woodies CCI indicator mt4 | Free Download

Woodies CCI indicator introduction: At the end of this article, you can find the woodies CCI indicator free download link. If you are already familiar with the CCI indicator, understanding the Woodies CCI indicator will be a piece of cake for you. Because it is an improved version of the CCI indicator and It uses … Read more

High Low Channel Indicator for MT4 | Free Download

High Low Channel Indicator for MT4: The High Low Channel Indicator for MT4 is one the best indicator to show you HIGHs and LOWs. This indicator is best used when you are trading in a range, in case, let’s say, when you are doing options, or it also gives good results for breakout trading strategies. … Read more

High Low indicator for mt4 | Download Free

In this article we will go through and exclusive guide on how to use and trade using High Low indicator for mt4. Introduction The good thing about the MetaTrader platform is that there is an abundance of trading indicators that you can use freely to make pretty good setups and strategies. The indicators not only … Read more

Raff Channel Indicator for MT4: FREE Download

raff channel indicator

A raff channel indicator is a useful tool that greatly facilitates the work of a trader. It is best for MT4 forex trading using regression to show Bullish and Bearing trends.  What is Raff Channel? The Raff Channel Indicator for MT4 builds based on linear regression with the midline as the first-order regression. The upper … Read more