Forex Indicator Predictor v2 for MT4: FREE Download

forex indicator predictor v2 for mt4

The Forex Indicator Predictor v2 is a popular technical analysis tool used by forex traders to predict future price movements with a high degree of accuracy. The indicator uses a combination of different technical analysis tools, such as moving averages, RSI, and MACD, to generate buy and sell signals. In this article, we will discuss … Read more

Fibonacci Retracement Indicator for MT4


Definition The Fibonacci Retracement Indicator automatically draws the Fibonacci levels on the MT4 chart. This removes the “flat market” period from consideration and only considers the stages of active price movement. Name Fibonacci Retracement Indicator Indicator Function Draws Fibonacci Levels Platform MT4 File Size 17.1 KB Working of Fibonacci Retracement indicator? The Fibonacci retracement draws … Read more

VH Indicator for MT4

VH indicator

Definition The VH indicator for MT4 generates the best trend-based forex trading signals, BUY at BULLISH trend and SELL at BEARISH trend, with colour signal. To generate the best forex trading signals, the VH indicator for MT4 combines several indicators. It is a trend-following indicator that displays the BULLISH and BEARISH trends in the chart … Read more

Trend strength indicator for MT4

trend strength indicator for mt4

Definition The trend strength indicator is an MT4 indicator that shows the weak and strong trend areas on the price chart in red and green arrows. It also shows the percentage of the strength of the uptrend and downtrend. Most beginner retail traders find it challenging to analyze the strength of the market’s trend. So, … Read more

MA Crossover Indicator for MT4

MA crossover indicator

Definition MA crossover indicator is an MT4 indicator that shows the bullish or bearish signs on the crossover of slow- and fast-moving averages. The moving average lines are used to identify the trend reversals in the market. The most liked feature of this MA crossover indicator is the real-time alerts. So you don’t need to … Read more

ROC Indicator for MT4

ROC Indicator

Definition The Rate of Change ROC indicator for MT4 calculates the rate of price change between the current closing price and the closing price before “n” periods. The indicator generates Bullish and Bearish trend change signals, which forex traders can use to place BUY or SELL trades. Indicator Title ROC Indicator Indicator Size 15.5 KB … Read more

Volume Delta indicator MT4

Volume Delta indicator mt4

Introduction volume delta indicator is an mt4 indicator that draws market volume bars in an additional window. The volume bars show the market activity during each market session, and it helps to make good decisions while trading forex and stocks. Other volume indicators are available in the market that shows the volume bars, but it … Read more

Trend Master Indicator

trend master indicator mt4, trend master, trend indicator, trend master indicator mt4

The Trend Master indicator reveals the overall direction of the trend by pointing arrows on the chart. How does the trend Master indicator work? The trend master indicator MT4 shows two arrows: red and blue. The red arrow shows the BEARISH trend, and the blue arrow shows the BULLISH trend. The Red (bearish) arrow means … Read more

Slope direction line indicator MT4

Slope direction line indicator mt4, Slope direction line indicator, Slope direction line

Slope direction line indicator mt4 is a technical indicator to identify the trend reversal and trend direction. The slope direction line is based on the concept that moving the average line changes its slope according to the price action. The Slope direction line indicator The slope direction line displays a modified moving average curve on … Read more

Profit line indicator MT4

Profit line indicator MT4, Profit line indicator, Profit indicator

Profit Line Indicator MT4 calculates the possible value of the profit or loss from a specific trade setup. It is a handy tool as it combines risk management and money management. Furthermore, this indicator allows you to grow your trading capital while effectively managing your risk.  Features of Profit line indicator The profit line indicator … Read more