Order block breaker indicator for mt4

Order Block Breaker Indicator

The Order Block Breaker Indicator is a popular technical analysis tool used by forex traders to identify key support and resistance levels based on the order block concept. The indicator is designed to detect and highlight order blocks, which are areas of consolidation where institutional traders place their orders. In this article, we will discuss … Read more

Gold Level indicator for MT4


Definition The Gold level indicator for MT4 is an excellent tool for trading gold. When trading gold, it offers the best entrance point and exit point. Based on market behavior, the indicator suggests appropriate buy and sell points. Finding the pivot and waiting for the market to reach the buy or sell points are all … Read more

ATR Trailing Stop Indicator for MT4

ATR Trailing Stop Indicator

Definition The ATR Trailing Stop Indicator for MT4 calculates volatility using the Average True Range and offers forex traders the best trailing stop loss conceivable. Indicator Title ATR Trailing Stop Indicator Indicator Size 19.4 KB Trading Platform Metatrader 4 Indicator Type Levels What is the purpose and working of the ATR trailing stop indicator? The … Read more

Bank level Indicator MT4


Definition The bank Level Indicator MT4 draws key levels on the chart. These levels can be all-time highs or lows, rounded numbers, or locations where the price frequently stalls. When the market price reaches these levels, traders closely monitor to see if there will be a price reversal or continuation. What’s the purpose and working … Read more

Shved Supply & Demand Indicator MT4

Shved Supply & Demand Indicator MT4

The Shved Supply and Demand indicator MT4 is designed to assist traders in finding supply and demand areas. The concept of supply-demand zones is slightly different from support zones. This allows you to identify potentially profitable trading points. How does the Shved Supply & Demand Indicator work? Demand zones are located at prices with a … Read more

A trading guide to Givonly SnR SnD R2 Indicator MT4

Givonly SnR SnD R2 Indicator MT4

The Givonly SnR SnD R2 indicator MT4 plots support resistance levels from timeframes from H1 to W1 on the price chart. How does SnR SnD indicator MT4 works? The Givonly SnR R2 indicator MT4 plots daily, hourly, and weekly lines of support and resistance on the chart currently. This allows forex traders in identifying the levels … Read more

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly High Low Indicator for MT4

high low indicator

Introduction It is an mt4 indicator used to draw daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly price levels on the chart in Metatrader 4. Retail traders widely use it. The daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly levels are under the attention of big traders, and these levels act as key levels in the forex market. A Trend reversal … Read more

Round levels Indicator MT4

round levels indicator mt4, round level chart

The Round Levels indicator MT4 automatically picks up round number levels (essential support and resistance level) and draws these on the chart. It is beneficial to trade off the natural psychological support and resistance zones. What is the round levels indicator? The Round Levels Indicator sets a critical psychological level. These phycological levels shows that … Read more

Auto Pivot Indicator Mt4 | Free Download

Introduction: Auto pivot indicator for mt4 is an indicator that is built to display the pivot points of multiple timeframes at the same time. It draws the pivot points of Daily, Weekly, and monthly time frames. Traders who use pivot points in their trading strategies and analysis will find this indicator very helpful. The auto … Read more

Elliott wave prophet mt4 indicator | Free Download

Introduction: Elliot wave indicator mt4 is one of the best wave pattern analysis indicators put there, and this indicator is known to have a perfect winning percentage. It not only gives us the past and current waves but can also be used to predict the shape of waves in the future. Elliott wave prophet mt4 … Read more