Pip Value Calculator Indicator MT4 Free Download

Pip Value Calculator Indicator mt4 automatically calculates the value per point and pip by using the anticipated lot size and displays it on the top left corner of charts for better risk management.

Every trader must learn three essential things in trading: technical analysis, Psychology and Risk management. To manage the risk appropriately, the traders need to calculate the value per pip for any instrument they are trading on. This sometimes leads to missed opportunities if the market moves too swiftly, and there is a chance of human error in the manual calculation of value per pip. So, the Pip Value Indicator calculator mt4 can automate this tedious process saving time and effort.

NamePip Value Calculator Indicator mt4
Indicator FunctionAutomatically Calculates Pip Size
File Size18.1KB
Pip value calculator indicator mt4

Working of Pip Value Calculator Indicator mt4

Pip Value Calculator Indicator mt4
Pip Value Calculator Indicator mt4

When you apply the indicator to mt4 charts, the indicator will first determine which market you are trading on. Is it stock, forex or cryptocurrencies? Then based on the pair, the indicator is applied to and lot size; it will calculate the value of market movement for each tick and multiply that by 10 to calculate the value of market movement per pip. 

Then traders can use the value per pip to calculate the number of pips they need to put their stop losses.

Pip Value Calculator Indicator Settings

Inside the indicator’s settings, you can find the lot size you want to use for your trades.

Pip Value Calculator Indicator mt4 settings
Pip Value Calculator Indicator mt4 settings

Using the Pip Value Calculator Indicator mt4

This indicator helps traders a lot in risk management. Let’s say that you applied the indicator to USDJPY charts and managed your risk by only risking 500$ for each trade. Now you can see from the information displayed by the indicator that the value for each pip is 6.751$. Then you can put your stop loss 74 pip above or below your entry level, depending on whether you are going long or short.

The indicator takes the lot size of 1 by default, but you can also change this form indicator set at your will.


Time is the most valuable asset for everyone. So any tool that can save a little bit of your time is essential. And Pip Value Calculator Indicator mt4 is one of these time that not only save you time but also helps you manage your risk correctly.

To download the indicator for free, please click on the link below.

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