Doji Arrows Indicator For MT4

Doji Arrows Indicator

Introduction The doji arrows indicator is one of the most popular technical analysis tools on MT4. It’s used to forecast price volatility and predict future movements in an asset’s price, but how does it work? What are these so-called “doji” indicators? And why do they matter? In this article, we’ll look at what these terms … Read more

RSI Heatmap Indicator for MT4


Definition The RSI heatmap mt4 indicator aids Forex traders in assessing a currency pair’s strength. This currency strength meter indicator precisely determines the strength of the currency by using the relative strength index, or RSI. In addition, they create a heatmap with various currencies and timeframes so that they may be efficiently monitored and interpreted. … Read more

Pattern Detector Indicator For MT4

Forex Traders use Pattern Detector Indicator to detect candlestick patterns automatically on mt4 charts. The patterns that this indicator detects include all significant bullish and bearish patterns. This allows the traders to pay more attention to the technical analysis of the market and saves plenty of time.  If you are a new trader, you will mainly find … Read more

Quickfib MT4 indicator

Quickfib MT4 indicator, Quickfib MT4, Quickfib indicator

Quickfib MT4 indicator detects several changes and dynamics of price changes based on Fibonacci theory. It updates the chart automatically to incorporate the highest high and lowest low by Fibonacci. The Fibonacci indicator is helpful for all types of traders due to its essence and usage. It reveals the price action’s nature and identifies the … Read more

MACD Alert Indicator

MACD Alert Indicator, MACD Alert

MACD Alert indicator shows the difference between two moving averages. It is one of the best forex signals indicating tools. MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence and Divergence. How MACD Alert Indicator MT4 works? MACD shows whether moving averages are getting closer or farther away on the histogram chart. The difference of values from zero … Read more

Fractal Adaptive Moving Average Indicator MT4

Fractal Adaptive Moving Average Indicator MT4, Fractal Adaptive Moving Average Indicator, Fractal Adaptive Moving Average

Fractal Adaptive Moving Average Indicator MT4 (FRAMA) is an adaptive moving average developed by John Ehlers. It remains flat during normal conditions while taking significant moves according to the price changes. It uses the fractal nature of financial markets to dynamically adjust its smoothing lookback period based on this fractal geometry. Always use this indicator use … Read more

Barros swing indicator for MT4: FREE Download

Barros swing indicator mt4

Introduction to Barros swing indicator Barros swing indicator is an mt4 technical indicator that identifies price swing points in form of an ABCD pattern.  This mt4 indicator is based on price action because it will identify the swing low or swing high of a price and will label that point.  How does Barros swing indicator … Read more

Outside bar indicator mt4 | Free Download

outside bar indicator mt4

Outside bar indicator mt4 introduction: The indicator which we use on mt4 to detect the outside bar candlestick patterns is called the outside bar indicator for mt4. We all know it’s one thing to read and learn about candlestick patterns. But it’s totally a different story to locate them on real-time charts. That’s where this … Read more

Pattern recognition master indicator | Free Download

The indicator used to detect all of the most popular candlestick patterns on the trading charts is called the pattern recognition master indicator for mt4. Pattern recognition master indicator introduction: There are hundreds of trading patterns in forex. Whenever we try to learn some of them, we feel confident after going through some good resources. … Read more

123 Patterns V7 Indicator MT4

123 patterns indicator, 123 pattern v7,123 patterns v7 indicator MT4, 123 patterns v7 indicator,

The 123 patterns V7 indicator MT4 is a technical indicator that forms three price movements that create the 1,2, and 3 indications. This pattern helps to reveal trend reversal and potential breakout in bearish and bullish markets. The above EURO USD chart shows the 123 patterns in working. The chart shows blue and red lines, … Read more