Tick chart indicator for MT4

tick chart indicator for mt4

Definition The tick indicator is an mt4 indicator that shows the number of the smallest possible movements by the price on the candlestick chart. The tick is the smallest movement of price. For example, when traders open buy/sell orders, the price moves up and down. These slight price movements are termed price ticks. By default, … Read more

Advanced trendlines indicator MT4

advanced trendlines indicator MT4, trendlines indicator, advanced trendlines indicator chart

The Advanced Trendlines Indicator MT4draws trendlines on the activity chart and places them correctly. How advanced trendlines indicator MT4 works? This strategy is based on identifying the highs and lows of charts and connecting them with trendlines. It has a high risk-to-reward ratio, that’s why it is a common choice for traders of all kinds. The biggest … Read more

Daily H-L indicator

daily H-L indicator, h-L indicator chart,

The Daily H-L indicator shows the highs and lows of any timeframe on the chart. This indicator is ideal for Low BUY and High SELL forex strategies.  How the daily H-L indicator MT4 works? The Daily H-L for MT4 analyzes both the HIGH and the LOW values for any timeframe and then displays them on … Read more

CCI Histogram MT4

CCI Histogram MT4, CCI Histogram indicator MT4, CCI Histogram indicator

CCI histogram MT4 is one of the best trading indicators which displays bearish, bullish, and flat trends. This CCI Histogram Indicator is based on the highly efficient and results-oriented Meta trader indicator, the Woodies Commodity Channel Index (Woodies CCI). The indicator displays three different market conditions on the histogram: Being a non-repaint indicator for MT4, … Read more

Solar Wind Joy indicator MT4

Solar Wind Joy indicator MT4,Solar Wind Joy indicator , Solar Wind indicator, Solar Wind indicator MT4

Solar Wind Joy indicator MT4 forecasts the trend reversal and reveals the strength of a trend. It has two zones. Technical analysis of solar wind joy assists traders with the correct data from various technical metrics to safeguard their decision. It is used for trading forex, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and any other trading instrument … Read more

Fiji Trend Indicator MT4

Fiji trend indicator, Fiji trend indicator MT4, Trend indicator, fiji trend

Fiji Trend indicator MT4 is an effective trend-following indicator that displays buy and sell signals. It works best for strong market trends. What makes Fiji trend Indicator MT4 worthwhile? Traders can combine the Fiji trend indicator with other valuable hands to filter out fake signals and increase weak market trends. Its signal arrow reveals the … Read more

Heikin Ashi indicator for MT4: Free Download

heikin ashi mt4 indicator

Heikin Ashi indicator is a type of mt4 indicator that shows the average of high, low, open, and close prices on the chart in the form of the candlestick. Heikin Ashi resembles a candlestick chart but it uses the average value to determine the OHLC values.  In the metatrader, The Heikin Ashi chart is not … Read more