Chandelier Exit indicator MT4

Chandelier Exit indicator MT4 is Chandelier determines stop-loss exit points for both short and long trading positions. Investors can choose between two situations when trading assets: short and long. It helps forex traders remain in the trend if possible and avoid premature withdrawals.

How does the chandelier exit work?

The indicator makes use of a volatility-based calculation that uses an algorithm called ATR – Average True Range and provides an accurate Stop loss trailing. Additionally, the indicator offers the most profitable entry points on the crossing of the indicator and the price. By utilizing this ATR – Average true range multiplier, traders can alter the indicator’s settings to match various trading instruments. This Meta trader indicator gives all the information to trade trends effectively.

How to trade with Chandelier exit?

The indicator levels are the most effective resistance and support levels since the classes will be computed dynamically by the ATR – Average True Range Values. In the end, any violation of these levels can be interpreted to be an entrance point for traders.

The primary goal of using Chandelier Exit is to alert traders of a potential trend reversal following an extended trend. Traders can set smaller stopping losses on the trailing side when trading with low volatility. This lets them close their trades at the top and receive maximum return on their investment.

The chance of a trend reversal is meager in low volatility trading sessions. However, the traders establish an additional trailing loss during high volatile trading situations to shield themselves from fluctuating trading.

Due to the close connection between volatility and stop-loss, traders employ the Chandelier Exit indicator as a trailing stop-loss and a means to safeguard themselves against losses that result from the reversal of a trend. Professional traders generally recommend using Chandelier Exit as a stop loss tool, not as an instrument for creating trading signals. This is because it can generate false signals.

Inputs of chandelier indicator MT4

The following table shows the input parameter of the chandelier indicator. Feel free to experiment with these settings for better results.


The Chandelier Exit indicator is essentially the tool for trailing stop loss. However, it assists the trader in recognizing the trend. Since the indicator utilizes the ATR Values based on the ATR to compute exit levels, it can provide traders with the most effective stop-loss limits.

In addition to being a trend-identifying indicator, traders may use it to ride trends as well. In the end, it is an MT4 indicator that gives the best outcomes for any trader who wants to detect emerging trends, ride them, and then exit at the most optimal levels.

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