Trading Signals Indicator for MT4


The Trading Signals Indicator for MT4 generates buy and sell signals based on a price reversal configuration. This indicator produces extremely precise and profitable signals. This indication is also incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to understand.

Red and aqua arrows are displayed on the chart to provide buy and sell indications, respectively, by the indicator.

Indicator TitleVH Indicator
Indicator Size2.6 kb
Trading PlatformMetatrader 4
Indicator TypeSignals

Working of Trading Signals Indicator

The Trading signal indicator for MT4 can be utilized effectively by beginner forex traders with little trading experience. These traders can accurately enter and exit the market by using the signals provided by this indicator.

This indicator can be used by professional traders either alone or in conjunction with other signal-generating indicators. Additionally, this indication can be used by traders who use candlestick analysis, price action, and market structure. This indication can be used by these traders as a confirmation while entering or exiting transactions.

All time frames are compatible with this indicator, although hourly and daily time frames are where it performs best (H1, H4, and D1). This is due to the fact that, as compared to higher time frames, the M1 to M30 time frames produce more erroneous signals.

Trading Strategies

The Trading signals Indicator gives accurate signals in all market environments. Thus, traders can use this indicator to trade both a range and a trending market.

Trading signals indicator

Short Trades

The indicator displays buy and sell indications in both ranging and trending markets. The two horizontal green lines on the aforementioned chart indicate a ranging market. These lines act as points of support and resistance. Traders can place short bets once the indicator displays a red arrow surrounding the upper horizontal line. This is because many sell orders are placed in the supply zone which is the upper horizontal line (green line).

Long Trades

Long trades can be entered once the indicator exhibits an aqua tint around the bottom horizontal line. This is due to the fact that the lower horizontal line is a zone with significant demand and numerous buy orders.

How to Trade with trend lines?

Upper and lower trend lines indicate a trending market. Similar to a range market, these lines also act as dynamic levels of support and resistance. Traders might place short trades once the indicator showed a red arrow around the higher trend line (red line).

On the other hand, traders can place long trades when the indicator draws an aqua circle around the lower trend line (red line).

When the trading signals indicator displays a red arrow, which denotes that a bearish market is about to begin, a long trade should be closed. Additionally, when the indicator showed an aqua arrow, which denotes an impending bullish run, a short trade should be closed.


The Trading Signals Indicator for MT4 provides forex traders with signals based on the market’s potential to reverse itself. Due to its simplicity, this indicator may be utilized by both experienced traders and beginners. All time frames are supported by the indicator, but larger time frames are advised. The indicator can be used alone or in conjunction with other indicators to confirm entry and exit.

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