ATR Trailing Stop Indicator for MT4


The ATR Trailing Stop Indicator for MT4 calculates volatility using the Average True Range and offers forex traders the best trailing stop loss conceivable.

Indicator TitleATR Trailing Stop Indicator
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Trading PlatformMetatrader 4
Indicator TypeLevels

What is the purpose and working of the ATR trailing stop indicator?

The ATR Trailing Stop Indicator is a useful tool for forex traders since it helps them evaluate trends, volatility, and entry and exit locations. Because average true range-based trailing stops are the optimal stop loss, they are frequently utilized as a stop loss calculator in auto trading or EA-based trading software.

The Average True Range is frequently used by traders to spot trends and keep trading in that direction until the opposing trend appears. For instance, a trader holding a BUY position will hold it until the MT4 indicator’s Average True Range Trailing Stop Loss signal becomes red. The forex trader will be able to ride the trend to its conclusion in this situation.

This indicator is very useful for beginning forex traders since it gives a quick glimpse of market volatility. They also have the best stop loss position according to the MT4 ATR Trailing Stop Indicator. This indicator is used by seasoned forex traders to determine trend direction, trailing stops, and entry and exit locations.

Trading setup

The ATR Trailing Stop Loss indicator is used by traders to identify entry and exit locations since it is the most accurate volatility estimator. A downward trend is indicated when the indicator is above the price; if the price climbs above the line, the trend may be in danger of reversing.

The indication suggests an upward trend while it is below the price; if the price falls below the line, the trend may be on the verge of reversing.

ATR Trailing Stop Indicator for mt4

Buying Trade

The indicator displays the stop levels below the price in a BLUE hue. Forex traders tend to BUY once the indicator changes to BLUE color.

Selling trade

For sell trades, the indicator shows the trailing stop levels above the current price in RED. Oppositely, they SELL as the indicator changes to RED color.


The ATR trailing stop indicator for MT4 is a must-have tool for all types of forex traders. Because the market can accept the volatility and the Average True Range based stop loss is the greatest stop loss. However, the indicator also offers a trailing stop loss to safeguard the position. Since the volatility varies with each currency pair, forex traders should experiment with different indicator settings.

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