Trading Sessions Indicator for MT4


Forex trading sessions indicator is an MT4 indicator used to check the opening and closing times of different market sessions. It is an informational indicator to show the time zones of all market sessions.

The trading sessions indicator is helpful for traders that trade only in particular time zones due to volatility differences. This is used as an add-on for a trading strategy.

Indicator TitleTrading Sessions Indicator
Indicator Size49 KB
Trading PlatformMetatrader 4
Indicator TypeInformation

How does the forex trading sessions indicator work in MT4?

The working principle of this indicator is elementary because it shows information only. When the market opens, a line will progress, showing the opening and ending of each market session.

It will show the time of five market sessions that includes:

  • London session
  • Tokyo session
  • Sydney session
  • Frankfurt session
  • New York session
trading sessions panel

The benefit of market sessions in trading

The highly volatile session of the market is the London session. Most traders prefer to trade in the London session because most of the market trends start during this session. If your strategy is based on the trend, you should trade in the London session.

Like the London session, the market has different volatility during other sessions. Traders can optimize their trading strategies using these different time zones.

The bottom line

I highly recommend that traders use this indicator as an information panel in MT4. This will always show you the upcoming market volatility.

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