London breakout indicator MT4

The London Breakout indicator MT4 is a fantastic forex indicator designed to trade London session breakouts. The indicator comes with entry levels for both buy and sell trades accompanied with 5 take profit levels.

Forex markets are sorted into three first or most crucial exchanging time zones:

  • The Tokyo meeting
  • The London meeting
  • The New York meeting

The primary hour for exchange is when you can expect to see a large quantity of action. Exchanging volume also increases by a small amount due to the covering of Tokyo meetings and the beginning of the London exchange meeting.

The London exchanging meeting is the most significant market catalyst for the Forex market. The London breakout approach is to earn profits from the unsteady spikes in the initial hours of this London meeting. The time frame is supposed to be approximately between 1 and 3 hours after the London meeting starts.

How to trade using London breakout indicator MT4?

The above EURUSD chart represents the buy entry and sells entry trading zone. We can open a buy trade once the price has reached the entry price for buying and, in reverse, open a sale trade once the price has reached the entry price for selling. Take profits are possible at the target level of buy/sell until level 5. It is suggested to make a portion of the profits at target one and then follow the stop-loss to the remaining of your open trade.

Inputs of London breakout indicator

The default London Breakout forex indicator settings are shown. You can change inputs from settings.

Trade Signals

London breakout indicator MT4 gives the buying and selling in the following way:

Buying signal

When the Entry Buy price reaches, open a buy trade and take half of your profits at Buy Target 1.

Trail the stop-loss up for the remaining part of the open buy position.

Selling Signal

Open a sell trade position when the price reaches the Entry Sell price and take half of your profits at Sell Target 1.


London breakout indicator MT4 gives clear buy and sell signals depending on how the price is breaking and reasonable prices. 

Get your free London breakout indicator MT4 download here.

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