Range Indicator

The range indicator determines the boundaries of price movements over a specific timeframe. It shows the rise or fall of volatility in the market.

How does the Range indicator MT4 works?

The price fluctuations are not visible; in addition, it’s not easy to determine them. The indicator can automate track, calculate, and show how volatile the markets are in the chart in MT4.

The Range indicator is primarily based on the market’s highs and lows. It calculates the range of the market by subtracting either the prior lowest from the current highest, the recent close from the recent high, or the previous close from the last high.

The indicator uses the numbers to draw an uninterrupted bar when market activity increases or decreases. As a trader, you can forecast an increase in price or decline in price volatility based on this data.

Why is it volatile?

The range indicator for Meta Trader shows the change in market volatility. It does not function as an indicator that follows trends; instead, an indicator that tells the degree of the volatility of the direction. It can be used to determine the change in the market’s volatility. In simple terms, it shows the range of price movements of an asset that trades.

The market’s volatility is only apparent after candle creation. However, the Range indicator can detect the market’s current volatility by using a set of built-in variables that monitor the price’s dynamics.

How to trade with Range indicator MT4?

The image above is an example of a Range indicator chart of USD Vs. CHF. It is comprised of two bars are green and red. The green bars signify an increase in volatility, while the red bars signal it’s time to cut back on its momentum.

This indicator is helpful when trying to trade on the Forex market effectively. It can help you make more precise technical analyses or market execution just by watching the Range indicator. It’s even more efficient when used with price action or any other trading strategy.

Overall, the indicator can be utilized as a combination to sort your setups for trading. It will help you decide on the ideal moment to open, make more positions, keep, or close a trade. The indicator doesn’t provide any BUY/SELL signals; however, it displays the amount in the marketplace.


Your trading strategy may show a SELL signal, but the indicator for Range has moved substantially downwards, which contrasts with the limit. Any information did not trigger the movement.

Also, it would help if you didn’t trade in a market with low or no volatility to stay clear of a widespread. You’re trying to get an edge and not the occasional.


The following table shows the input parameters of the indicator. Feel free to experiment with these settings for more precise results.


The range indicator MT4 is an essential indicator for intraday, day, and swing traders. It neither reveals the market’s direction nor offers the BUY/SELL signals. It is based on the market’s volatility calculated in the range.

It’s available for download here.

Download indicator

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