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Cumulative Delta Indicator MT4 indicator mainly shows the order flow analysis and summarizes buying and selling activity volumes. It also calculates the delta and cumulative delta.

What is Delta?

Delta is referred to as the differential between buyers and sellers. It could be negative and positive under following:

  • When buying offsets selling, delta is positive 
  • When selling offset buying, delta is negative 

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Cumulative Delta

It merges delta data before visualizing it as a chart indication. Order flow traders can better conclude the market flow by documenting and displaying the order count of how much and whether buyers or sellers were in control.

Working of Cumulative Delta indicator MT4

Cumulative delta is a multi-dimensional technical analysis tool. Technical approaches may vary depending upon time frame, market, and trader. 

The indicator does not flicker or redraw its calculation, and plotting is performed quickly while using the data from the smaller (relative to the current) periods.

Cumulative delta indicator shows each bar of bullish and bearish difference on a histogram and cumulative delta of volume. It is also able to recognize the variance between price and cumulative delta setups.

Indicator Modes

There are various modes of indicator which can be switched using the input variable mode to get desired results. There are the following modes of delta indicator:

  • Buy – displays only the volume of buyers.
  • Sell – shows only the volumes of sellers.
  • BuySell – displays volumes of both buyers and sellers with two separate scales.
  • Delta – difference mode (delta) between the volumes of buyers and the volumes of sellers.
  • CumDelta – cumulative delta mode.
  • CumDeltaDaily – cumulative delta mode with zero balance at the beginning of each day.
  • CumDeltaWeekly – cumulative delta mode with zero balance at the beginning of each week.
  • DemandAndSupply – displays the chart of supply and demand.


One of the best technical indicators allows traders to use different selling and buying approaches by summarizing the cumulative volumes and their relative difference. Get your Cumulative delta indicator MT4 free download here.

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