Raff Channel Indicator for MT4: FREE Download

A raff channel indicator is a useful tool that greatly facilitates the work of a trader. It is best for MT4 forex trading using regression to show Bullish and Bearing trends. 

What is Raff Channel?

The Raff Channel Indicator for MT4 builds based on linear regression with the midline as the first-order regression. The upper and lower lines show the maximum distance the regression line had moved away from the axis line. 

Therefore, the upper and lower lines can be considered as resistance and support lines. So, any price movement outside or at the channel lines permits a setback. Channel extremes (trend lines) are the best entry points to make a decision to BUY or SELL. But persistent breakout of the channel lines indicates the reversal of the current market trend.

Raff channel indicator


The rise in prices within the Raff Channel indicates that the trend is up. Conversely, when prices are decreasing, it indicates a downtrend. During uptrends, when prices dip below the Linear Regression Line, it is considered a long setup. 

In a downtrend, you’ll look for short setups around the upper levels of the channel – and buy to cover at the lower end. An uptrend reverses when the price breaks below the channel extension. While a downtrend reverses when the price breaks above the channel extension in the raff channel indicator.

MT4 Trading Signal Using Raff Channel Indicator:

The Ralf Channel Indicator for MT4 can be seen on the above EURUSD H4 chart. The indicator depicts the top channel line in BLUE, the midline in RED, and the bottom channel line in PINK. 

The BLUE and PINK lines represent the channel’s boundaries or extremes, while the RED line depicts the overall trend. If the RED line is rising, this indicates a BULLISH trend; if it is descending, this indicates a BEARISH trend.

mt4 raff channel indicator

Buying and Selling

In forex trading strategy extreme channel levels are the best entry points in regression. 

Bullish trend:

  • Forex traders during a bullish trend can BUY at the PINK line with stop loss at the previous swing low. While aiming at the opposite channel line for a profitable exit.

Bearish Trend:

  • During the BEARISH market, the BLUE line is the best entry point to place a SELL trade. Traders can place a stop loss at a previous swing high and exit at the lower channel line.

Multi-frame trading approach:

In a multi-frame trading approach, the indicator delivers the best results. As a result, forex traders can use the indicators on several charts while employing a top-down trading strategy. In general, the BULLISH or BEARISH trend in a higher time frame reflects the trend direction in the lower time period.

Raff channel indicator setting

Raff Channel Repainting Behavior:

The Raff Channel, like all other regression channels, is a constantly changing indicator. The channel has been adapted to the chosen lookback period, in particular. Scrolling backward in the chart will show the repainting behavior.

Multi-Indicator Trading Signals:

There are two sets of indicators on the EURUSD H4 chart above: one with a higher number of bars, and the other with the default values. In forex, traders can use the greater number of bars to determine market direction and then use the lower number of bars to find the optimal entry positions.


MT4 Raff Channel Indicator for MT4 is a trend trading indicator that runs independently of the trading platform. For this reason, it is rare to find a deal that is both effective and profitable. 

Higher time frames help traders validate a BULLISH or BEARISH trend and combine it with additional indicators for optimal outcomes. Additionally, the indicator is available for free download and installation.


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