Gold Level indicator for MT4


The Gold level indicator for MT4 is an excellent tool for trading gold. When trading gold, it offers the best entrance point and exit point. Based on market behavior, the indicator suggests appropriate buy and sell points. Finding the pivot and waiting for the market to reach the buy or sell points are all that are required.

Indicator TitleGold Level indicator
Indicator Size34.9 KB
Trading PlatformMetatrader 4
Indicator TypeLevels

The Gold Level indicator works well on all timeframes and is appropriate for both short-term and long-term trading strategies. But only gold trading actually works properly with it.

Working of Gold Level Indicator

The Gold Level indicator is quite simple to use. It shows pivot, buy, and sell points. The pivot is essentially the focal point of your deal. Sale when the market reaches the sell level and buy when the market reaches the buy level.

The indicator offers up to six objectives (take profit) levels. You will therefore have six buy targets (BT1, BT2, BT3, etc.) and six sell targets (ST1, ST2 and so on).


Different types of traders can use the target levels. If you are a scalper, the initial buy target (BT1) and sell target will be of interest to you. Depending on risk tolerance, the goal levels are ideal for day traders, while the high target levels are often suitable for swing and long-term traders.

You can use the following resistance and support levels as profit targets for trade exits and the most recent highs and lows as stop loss levels. Use the 1:3 risks to rewards ratio as an alternative.

Trading Strategy

The pivot is essentially the focal point from which you should monitor price movement in anticipation of a trading opportunity. If the market rises over the “buy” line, it is evident that it is time to buy. When the price passes the sell-line, it is time for short trade.

In this instance, the market moved over the buy-line. Therefore, you should go for long trade.  Notice how a resistance level is congruent with the first Buy goal, which serves as a take profit. In fact, the market destroys the initial aim. If you were a scalper, you could have been able to close the trade in your profit.


The Gold level indicator for MT4 is suitable for getting accurate buy and sell signals. Indeed, An incredible tool for trading gold.

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