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Zup harmonic indicator Introduction:

Zup Harmonic indicator is one of the most valuable and advanced indicators available to detect all essential harmonic patterns. The unique thing about this indicator is that it took almost ten years for development. It was developed by the collaboration of expert traders and programmers to make sure it was sturdy and efficient.

Since it was developed in almost a decade, that’s why it was released in multiple versions. The leather versions kept improving on the previous ones.

Working of Zup indicator:

Zup indicator finds valid harmonic patterns and notifies you as soon as it finds a pattern. It can detect all of the below harmonic patterns.

Zup harmonic indicator
  • Bearish AB=CD
  • Bullish AB=CD
  • Bullish Gartley
  • Bearish Retracement
  • Bullish Extension
  • Bullish Retracement
  • Bearish Extension
  • 3 Drive Top
  • 3 Drive Bottom
  • Butterfly Top
  • Butterfly BottomBearish Gartley

As a bonus, it can also display Fibonacci levels, fans, and timezones.

Using this indicator can save tons of time because finding valid harmonic patterns is a time taking process. However, this indicator can do it on its own.

Indicator Settings:

Zup indicator has following settings

Zup harmonic indicator settings

Trading Strategy:

As we know, there are plenty of harmonic patterns, and each one has its trading strategy. That’s why both pro traders and new traders can use this indicator in their trading strategies. New traders can also learn many new things about harmonic patterns after seeing the patterns forming in real-time on the charts. Also, its diversity is truly admirable because it can be used on any currency pair at any timeframe.


No doubt Zup indicator is an excellent tool to analyze charts and find all possible harmonic patterns easily. But too much information can sometimes lead to unclear decisions as well, especially for new traders. That’s why I will always recommend you select one harmonic pattern and study it in depth from different resources. One such good resource is forexbee. After you have a good grip over the concepts of one harmonic pattern, you should move on to the next one. Only that way can you make sure you are learning as well as practicing.

You can download the Zup Harmonic indicator for free at the link below.

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