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The financial market is an intricate labyrinth that requires keen analysis and understanding. To unlock its mysteries and make profitable trades, traders need the right tools. Among these tools is the TPO (Time Price Opportunity) Volume Indicator for MetaTrader 5 (MT5), now available for free download. This article delves into the TPO Volume Indicator, explaining its functionality and how it can enhance your trading strategies.

What is the TPO Volume Indicator?

The TPO Volume Indicator is a trading tool that offers an in-depth view of the market’s structure. It provides a detailed analysis of the price distribution and time spent at various price levels. By doing so, it helps traders identify the areas where the market spent the most time and, consequently, where it may head next.

How Does the TPO Volume Indicator Work?

The TPO Volume Indicator plots a histogram on the chart, representing price activity over a specified period. Each bar or ‘block’ of the histogram represents a specific price range, while the width of the bar indicates the amount of time the market spent at that price level.

In essence, the TPO Volume Indicator gives a visual representation of Market Profile, a concept introduced by J. Peter Steidlmayer. This method emphasizes the importance of understanding price activity in relation to time.

Utilizing the TPO Volume Indicator in Trading

Here are some ways the TPO Volume Indicator can be integrated into your trading strategies:

  • Identifying Support and Resistance Levels: The TPO Volume Indicator can help identify significant support and resistance levels. These are the price levels at which the market spent a considerable amount of time, indicating a strong buyer or seller presence.
  • Spotting Breakout Levels: Areas with little time spent, known as low-volume nodes, often act as breakout levels. Once price action moves past these levels, it tends to accelerate, providing potential trading opportunities.
  • Recognizing Market Balance and Imbalance: By understanding where the market spent most of its time, you can identify areas of balance (price acceptance) and imbalance (price rejection). This information can be useful for identifying potential turning points in the market.


The TPO Volume Indicator for MT5 is an invaluable tool for traders wanting to understand the market’s inner workings better. By illustrating the interplay between price and time, it provides traders with a deeper insight into market structure and potential future price movements.

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