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In the world of financial trading, the utilization of technical analysis tools is essential. These tools provide crucial insights into market trends, price movements, and potential trade opportunities. One such tool that you can add to your trading strategy is the Starc Bands Indicator. This article will guide you through the features and use of the Starc Bands Indicator for MT5, which is available for free download.

What is the Starc Bands Indicator?

The Starc Bands Indicator, developed by Manning Stoller, is a volatility-based technical analysis tool used by traders to understand the extreme price movements of a particular asset. Starc stands for Stoller Average Range Channels. This indicator consists of three lines: an upper band, a lower band, and a moving average line.

How Does Starc Bands Indicator Work?

The Starc Bands Indicator is designed to gauge volatility and identify potential price extremes. The upper and lower bands are determined based on a set multiplier of the Average True Range (ATR), added to and subtracted from a moving average line, respectively.

When the price is near the upper band, it is considered to be at a high level or ‘overbought’, suggesting the possibility of a price decrease. Conversely, when the price is near the lower band, it is perceived to be at a low level or ‘oversold’, indicating the potential for a price increase.

Using the Starc Bands Indicator in Trading

The Starc Bands Indicator can serve as a valuable tool for identifying potential trade entries and exits:

  • Buy Signal: A potential buy signal is generated when the price touches or moves below the lower Starc band. This suggests that the asset may be oversold, and a price reversal to the upside could be imminent.
  • Sell Signal: Conversely, a potential sell signal is generated when the price touches or exceeds the upper Starc band. This suggests that the asset may be overbought, and a price reversal to the downside may be on the horizon.

It is essential to remember that like any technical indicator, Starc Bands should not be used in isolation. It’s always advisable to combine it with other indicators or analysis methods to confirm its signals.


The Starc Bands Indicator for MT5 can be an excellent addition to your trading strategy, providing you with insights into market volatility and potential price extremes. Its ability to identify overbought and oversold conditions can guide you in making informed trading decisions. If you are looking to enhance your trading toolkit, consider downloading the Starc Bands Indicator for free today.

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