Spread Indicator For MT4


The spread indicator for MT4 works in real time by monitoring and displaying the magnitude of the spread. The indicator records spread values even when it is open. This implies that you may quickly see historical data samples related to the spread while looking at a chart.

Indicator TitleSpread Indicator
Indicator Size15.9 KB
Trading PlatformMetatrader 4
Indicator TypeInformational

What is the purpose and working of the Spread Indicator?

The Spread indicator gives you the ability to determine the minimum, average, and maximum spread for any currency pair over the time period you choose to study. This MT4 indicator is useful for examining spread fluctuations across several forex brokers.

As the ask and bid prices fluctuate, the indicator will also. You must be more conscious of the spread’s size. When this happens, the indication is useful.

The spread indicator assists you in keeping an eye on the spread so that you may avoid trading when it is too large, such as before the release of critical news. When trading forex minors like CHF/JPY, the indicator is also helpful. This is because spreads on these pairs are frequently high.

Spread Indicato

Trading with Spread Indicator MT4

The indicator is helpful to go long or short because it measures the entire spread of a currency pair.

Buying setup

  • The indicator should display a minimal spread.
  • Wait for the confirmation candle to form.
  • Buy at the confirmation candle.
  • Place your stop-loss order at the most recent low.
  • When the trend shifts downward, close the position.

Selling Setup

  • When the confirmation candle appears.
  • Go short and place your stop-loss.
  • Order on the most recent high.
  • The indicator should display a minimal spread.
  • When the trend changes to bullish, close the position.


The Spread indicator for MT4 is a valuable tool for determining a currency pair’s total spread. It can display the minimal spread for a pair so that you can adjust your positions as necessary.

The indication should be used as a filter and combined with other technical indicators, just like any other technical indicator, when deciding whether to go long or short.

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