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The world of trading thrives on the use of effective indicators to make informed decisions. The Shifted Moving Average Indicator, designed for MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and available for free download, is a valuable tool that assists traders in understanding price trends and potential entry points. This article will explore the features, benefits, and practical applications of the Shifted Moving Average Indicator for MT5.

Unveiling the Shifted Moving Average Indicator

The Shifted Moving Average Indicator is a technical analysis tool designed to offer traders an alternative view of price trends. It is similar to traditional moving averages but introduces a shift factor that adjusts the position of the moving average line on the price chart. This adjustment can help traders better identify trends and potential reversal points.

Key Components of the Shifted Moving Average Indicator:

  1. Moving Average Calculation: The indicator calculates a moving average based on a specified period and type (such as Simple, Exponential, or Weighted). The moving average is plotted on the price chart.
  2. Shift Factor: The distinctive feature of the Shifted Moving Average Indicator is the introduction of a shift factor. This factor determines how many periods the moving average is shifted to the right or left on the price chart.

Benefits of the Shifted Moving Average Indicator

  1. Enhanced Trend Identification: The shift factor in the indicator allows traders to fine-tune the positioning of the moving average line. This can help identify trends more accurately and in a more timely manner.
  2. Adaptable to Market Conditions: Traders can adjust the shift factor based on the prevailing market conditions. A larger shift may capture longer-term trends, while a smaller shift can highlight short-term price movements.
  3. Potential Reversal Points: The shifted moving average line can act as dynamic support or resistance levels, assisting traders in identifying potential reversal points or trend changes.
  4. Customization: Traders have the flexibility to customize the indicator’s parameters, including the type of moving average, the shift factor, and the color of the indicator line.

Installing and Utilizing the Shifted Moving Average Indicator in MT5

  1. Download the Indicator: Locate a trusted source offering the Shifted Moving Average Indicator for MT5. Ensure the downloaded indicator file is in the correct format.
  2. Installation: Open your MetaTrader 5 platform and navigate to the “File” menu. Choose “Open Data Folder” to access the installation directory. Within the “MQL5” folder, locate the “Indicators” folder and paste the downloaded indicator file.
  3. Restart MT5: Close and reopen your MetaTrader 5 platform to ensure proper loading of the indicator.
  4. Applying the Indicator: Open a chart for your desired trading instrument. In the “Navigator” panel, expand the “Indicators” section and locate the Shifted Moving Average Indicator. Drag and drop it onto the chart. Customize the indicator settings as per your trading preferences.


The Shifted Moving Average Indicator for MT5 offers traders a customizable approach to trend identification and potential reversal points. By introducing a shift factor to the moving average calculation, this indicator allows traders to fine-tune their analysis based on market conditions. Downloading and installing the Shifted Moving Average Indicator is a simple process that can elevate traders’ ability to identify trends and make informed trading decisions. As with any trading tool, combining insights from the Shifted Moving Average Indicator with comprehensive analysis is essential for achieving successful trading outcomes.

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