ADX Divergence Indicator for MT4

ADX divergence indicator mt4

Definition ADX is an mt4 indicator that shows the strength of the trend by a value. ADX means the average directional movement index. The divergence in the oscillator indicates a strong trend reversal signal in MetaTrader 4.  How does ADX indicator work? The ADX indicator in mt4 works by using average directional index DMI. If … Read more

Chaikin Money Flow Indicator for MT4

Chaikin money flow indicator is an mt4 technical oscillator that combines the money flow and price volume to show the strength or weakness in a range of -1 to 1. This indicator helps traders to determine the price reversal levels by using the money flow of institutional traders. How does Chaikin money flow indicator works? … Read more

ATR Channel Indicator for MT4

ATR channel indicator mt4

ATR Channel indicator is an mt4 technical indicator that shows the channel of the average true range of previous candlesticks.  The average true range channel helps in determining the stop loss and take profit levels in trading. The channel high and low represents the average high or low of a specific number of previous candlesticks.  … Read more

Rainbow Indicator MT4

rainbow indicator mt4

The Rainbow indicator is an mt4 technical indicator that is made up of seven different moving averages to make a rainbow of support or resistance. This rainbow act as a support or resistance zone.  Moving averages are used to determine the direction of the trend and to find the dynamic support or resistance levels. Price … Read more

RSI Paint Indicator MT4

RSI paint indicator mt4

RSI paint indicator is an mt4 technical indicator that shows the overbought and oversold conditions on the chart. It also shows real-time divergence on the chart.  You can use divergence to detect reversals on the chart.  Working of RSI paint indicator RSI paint indicator is used to identify overbought and oversold conditions. It also draws … Read more

Gann square 9 indicator MT4

Gann square 9 indicator MT4, Gann indicator, Gann angles, Gann square indicator MT4

Gann Square 9 indicator MT4 Plots future resistance and support using GANN and Zigzag. This indicator forecast future currency moves through the use of angles. What is Gann Indicator? Gann indicator works based on Gann angles which are trading techniques developed by W.D. Gann. He used angles and various geometric constructions to divide time and price … Read more

Woodies CCI indicator mt4 | Free Download

Woodies CCI indicator introduction: At the end of this article, you can find the woodies CCI indicator free download link. If you are already familiar with the CCI indicator, understanding the Woodies CCI indicator will be a piece of cake for you. Because it is an improved version of the CCI indicator and It uses … Read more

Chart pattern recognition indicator mt4 | Free Download

Chart pattern recognition indicator mt4 Introduction: Whenever someone is interested in forex trading, the first thing they do to start forex is to learn the forex chart patterns. And learning chart patterns from resources available online and offline is one thing, but detecting chart patterns on accurate charts is different. That’s why you will need … Read more

Swing zz mt4 indicator | Free Download

Introduction of swing zz mt4 indicator: When you look at forex charts, you see the candlesticks forming. The patterns these candles create can sometimes get overwhelming, and you can get confused, especially at lower time frames. Swing zz mt4 indicator can help you see the markets with clarity. It does this by removing all the … Read more

Cumulative Delta Indicator MT4 | Free Download

cumulative dalta indicator mt4, cumulatie delta indicator, mt4 indicators

Cumulative Delta Indicator MT4 indicator mainly shows the order flow analysis and summarizes buying and selling activity volumes. It also calculates the delta and cumulative delta. What is Delta? Delta is referred to as the differential between buyers and sellers. It could be negative and positive under following: Also, Learn about CPR indicator Cumulative Delta … Read more