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The Overlay Chart Indicator for MT5 is a powerful and versatile technical analysis tool that enables traders to compare the price action of two different instruments on the same chart. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the definition, workings, optimal settings, and how to trade using the Overlay Chart Indicator for MT5. Furthermore, we will provide a conclusion and any other relevant information to help you make the most of this useful indicator.

Definition of the Overlay Chart Indicator

The Overlay Chart Indicator is a technical analysis tool that allows traders to overlay the price action of one instrument onto another’s chart. This enables traders to easily compare and analyze the price movements of two different assets, making it easier to spot correlations, divergences, and potential trade opportunities.

How the Overlay Chart Indicator Works

The Overlay Chart Indicator works by plotting the price data of a secondary instrument onto the chart of a primary instrument. This is achieved by scaling the price data of the secondary instrument to match the primary instrument’s price range. The result is a clear visualization of the price relationship between the two instruments, allowing for more informed trading decisions.

Optimal Settings for the Overlay Chart Indicator

In this section, we will discuss the recommended settings for the Overlay Chart Indicator in a table format:

SettingDescriptionRecommended Value
SymbolThe ticker symbol of the secondary instrument you want to overlay on the primary chart.(User-defined)
Price TypeThe price type (e.g., Close, Open, High, Low) used for the overlay calculation.Close
Scale MultiplierA multiplier used to scale the price data of the secondary instrument to match the primary one.1.0
ShiftThe number of bars to shift the overlay chart horizontally.0

Trading with the Overlay Chart Indicator: Buy and Sell Signal Requirements

The Overlay Chart Indicator does not provide direct buy and sell signals. Instead, it is used to identify correlations, divergences, and potential trade opportunities between different assets. Here are some tips on how to use the indicator for trading:

  1. Look for correlated instruments: If two instruments are positively correlated, they tend to move in the same direction. In this case, you can look for potential trade opportunities when both instruments provide similar technical signals (e.g., breakouts or trend reversals).
  2. Spot divergences: If two correlated instruments start to diverge from their typical relationship, it may signal a potential trading opportunity. For example, if one instrument breaks out of a range while the other remains range-bound, you can consider trading the breakout.
  3. Monitor market sentiment: If two instruments typically have an inverse relationship, a sudden positive correlation could signal a shift in market sentiment. This can be used to anticipate potential trend reversals or momentum shifts in the market.


The Overlay Chart Indicator for MT5 is a valuable tool for traders who want to compare and analyze the price action of different instruments. By understanding its workings and using it effectively, you can enhance your trading strategy and make more informed decisions. Make sure to combine the Overlay Chart Indicator with other technical analysis tools and follow a well-defined trading plan for the best results.

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