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MSP indicator is an mt4 indicator that displays buy and sell signals on the candlestick chart in the metatrader 4 platform. 

It has already been coded with moving average formulas and many other strategies that make it a good indicator. Moving average is the best filter that is used in indicators. 

MSP indicator

Functions of MSP indicator

This indicator has many built-in functions that are very useful for a trader specifically a forex trader. For example, you can change the frequency of signals. Increasing the frequency will generate more signals in a specific timeframe. On the other hand, the decreasing frequency will generate a less and accurate number of signals on a specific timeframe. 

There is also a good alert feature in this indicator which will save your screen time

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Working of MSP mt4 indicator

MSP indicator shows buy and sell arrows on the chart. A red arrow means a sell signal and a blue arrow means buy signal. 

The size of arrows can also be changed in the settings of the indicator. 

The main drawback of this indicator is that it will not tell you about the stop loss level. So to tackle this, you need to trade with a small lot size without stop loss. 

Trading signals by MSP indicator

Open a buy trade:

When indicator will display a blue arrow below the candlestick with a buy text. then buy a currency pair instantly with a small lot size. And close the opened trade when a sell signal is generated. 

Open a sell trade:

Sell a currency pair with a small lot size in mt4 when a red arrow with a selling text will be displayed on the chart. Hold the trade until a buy reversal signal is generated on the chart. 

MSP mt4 indicator

Best timeframes for MSP indicator

It works on all timeframes. But to get high accuracy, you should use it for intraday and swing trading only. For example, 15M, 30M, 1H, and 4H timeframes.


To trade the MSP indicator effectively in mt4, you should use this indicator with low frequency. MSP indicators generate more accurate signals with low-frequency settings and using them on higher timeframes. 

You can also use this indicator with any other confluence to increase the winning ratio of this indicator. 

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