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The Money Flow Index MT4(MFI)  is a technical indicator that generates overbought or oversold signals using prices and volume data. It is also called volume-weighted Relative Strength Index (RSI), as it includes volume, unlike RSI, which only incorporates cost.  A divergence between the indicator and price is noteworthy. For example, if the arrow rises while the price is falling or flat, the price could grow.

Working of Money Flow Index indicator

The Money Flow Index indicator illustrates the flow of money in and out of an instrument for trading. The arrow, however, uses trading volumes as to the primary element. This indicator functions as an oscillator like the traditional RSI, the Relative Strength Index.

 It creates overbought and oversold Forex trade; in addition, the indicator generates divergence and convergence-based signals for trading. Therefore, Forex traders can benefit from trading using both strategies and convergence.

The Money Flow indicator is suitable for both advanced and new Forex traders. New traders can profit from oversold and overbought trading signals. On the other hand, advanced traders can benefit from the convergence and divergence trade and employ a complicated Forex strategy for trading. This indicator is effective across all intraday timeframes and on daily, weekly, and monthly charts.

Money Flow Index Indicator MT4 Trading Setup

The above chart illustrates how the Money Flow Index indicator works. It is an oscillator and plots value in the BLUE line. Additionally, the indicator shows the higher level of 80 and the lower level 20 and displays them in an additional indicator window.

Overbought and Oversold Levels

Forex traders see the above 80 as oversold and the 20 levels as overbought levels. Therefore, technical traders can use overbought or oversold trading strategies like those of other oscillators.

If the indicator is at an overbought value of 80, traders should anticipate the price falling and turning Bearish. Therefore, traders should make a SELL trade using a stop loss higher than the previous high of swing. The most profitable way to profit is to hold off until prices reach oversold levels.

In the same way, when the indicator is at an oversold value of 20, traders must expect that the price will be Bullish. Therefore, traders should start trading with the BUY position, using a stop-loss lower than the previous low of the swing and leave at the signal opposite.

Trading Signals

This EURJPY H4 chart illustrates the divergence and convergence of trading signals. This indicator offers the most reliable trading signals since the mismatch between indicators and prices often occurs and occurs in conjunction with highs. Therefore, Forex technical traders may employ techniques for trading that use 

Sell trade

If the price keeps making higher highs and the indicator makes lower ones, it could indicate a reverse from bearish to bullish. Thus, Forex traders can enter a SELL position by placing an order to stop the trade above the previous high on the swing.

Buy Trade

If the price makes lower lows while the indicator has higher lows, the price has reverted between Bearish and Bullish. Thus, traders can open a BUY order and then trade by placing a stop loss just below the previous low of the swing.

Inputs of The Money Flow Index MT4

The following table shows the input parameters of the money flow index. Feel free to experiment with the settings for better results.


The money flow MT4 gives technical trading signals using a variety of methods. But, to get the most effective results, conditions of overbought or oversold and convergence and divergence should be verified using price action and additional technical indicators. This indicator gives reverse signals, which can be prone to false signals. Therefore, they must be confirmed using other tools for technical analysis and channels, support, resistance, and trendlines. Furthermore, Forex traders can download the indicator for free and easily install it.

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