FXR Forex Sentiment Indicator


The FXR Forex Sentiment Indicator for MT4 applies a complex proprietary method to calculate the Buyers power and Sellers power of the market. So, the indicator assists the trader to identify the BULLISH and BEARISH market conditions and to place the best BUY and SELL trades. Once the vital information of trend is established by this indicator, forex traders can further build trading systems based on the indicator output.

NameFXR Forex Sentiment Indicator
Indicator FunctionMarket Conditions
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What is the purpose and working of FXR Forex Sentiment?

The FXR Forex Sentiment indicator shows the strength of the buyers and sellers. This emotion can be used by traders to determine the broad trend. However, for the greatest outcomes, forex traders pay closer attention to signals that occur near support and resistance levels, channel lines, and pivot levels. To find the ideal entry positions, traders can also check for increasing trading volume close to breakout levels, support and resistance levels, or channels.

The indicator is appropriate for both beginning and expert forex traders. New traders can quickly and easily determine the current price trend. However, experienced forex traders may include these indications and use this indicator’s input to create a full technical trading system. All intraday charts, in addition to the daily, weekly, and monthly charts, can be used with the indicator. To calculate the result, nevertheless, it makes use of tick data. After loading the chart, the trend direction is determined after at least 100 ticks.

FXR Forex Sentiment Indicator

Trading Setup

A bullish market trend is indicated by the Buyers power increasing above the 50% threshold. Forex traders might therefore BUY with a stop loss below the prior swing low. Forex traders must maintain their positions till the BULLISH uptrend is unbroken. Until readings drop below 50% and then once the strength peaks. Alternatively, traders might draw the position for recording profits based on a favorable risk/reward ratio.

On the other hand, if the Sellers Power increases above 50%, it denotes a BEARISH price trend. Consequently, traders can use this signal to place a SELL order with a stop loss above the previous swing high.


The FXR Forex Sentiment Indicator for MT4 is very helpful for quickly determining whether the market is currently BULLISH or BEARISH. As a result, FXR Forex Sentiment Indicator improves the forex trader’s ability to analyse further. This results in the most favourable and profitable forex technical trading outcomes.

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