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Forex Millennium Indicator for MT4

Forex Millennium indicator is one of the most accurate mt4 indicators with a high probability of profits. Karl Dittman and his team never stop surprising their fans, and this indicator is a true example of the above statement. They try to give new traders an effective tool for getting an accurate and reliable signal, so they don’t flush away their accounts with wrong predictions and alerts.

How does the millennium indicator work?

forex millennium indicator

The algorithm used in this indicator is very efficient and generates reliable signals without repainting.

What we need to do is follow the Buy/Sell signal. It works on the principle of extracting cash from the market and is suitable for M15, M30, H1, H4, and D1 timeframes, allowing you to choose between quick and longer trades. It has a very close resemblance to Halftrend and Ozymandias. You can apply it on all types of currency pairs.

The following significant factors were considered while programming the Forex Millenium indicator.

  • Efficient algorithm
  • Starter friendly interface
  • No repainting of signals
  • Support for all major currency pairs
  • Trend power detection
  • Diverse trading styles

Indicator trading modes

As we saw in Alfa Scrapper, the last release from Karl, Forex Millennium Indicator, also has three trading modes. Those three modes are

  • Conservative
  • Medium
  • Aggressive

Depending on your personality and trading portfolio, you can go with conservative if you want to be cautious s, but your risk-reward will be accordingly low.

On the other end, the extreme mode allows you to go all-in, sacrificing your risk to increase your rewards. The aggressive mode provides the highest signal frequency but also has high risk.

The medium and low modes, however, give signals with the average frequency

Trading setup for Millennium Indicator

The indicator generates a buy/sell signal in the following scheme

forex millennium indicator settings

Buy: When the indicator has a green channel

Sell: When the indicator has a yellow channel

Stoploss: You have to put the stop-loss at the nearest level of maximum/minimum 

Entry: Your entry point will be at the point where channels switch colors

Take profit: Your exit point will also be at the point where channels change colors.


While the sales page is professional, and there’s no doubt that Karl has a talented team creating these systems, the Forex Millennium indicator isn’t a proven product. If you want to test the system with the 30 moneyback guarantee or a long-standing client of Karl’s, you may want to immediately sign up with the product.

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