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MetaTrader 5 (MT5), a highly versatile trading platform, offers a wide range of technical indicators to assist traders in their market analysis. One such tool is the Forecast Oscillator Indicator, which can be freely downloaded and integrated into your trading strategy. This tool can offer valuable insights into market trends and help predict future price movements.

What is the Forecast Oscillator Indicator?

The Forecast Oscillator Indicator is a technical analysis tool that compares a security’s price to its “forecast” price. The forecast price is determined by using linear regression, which is a type of statistical analysis that identifies trends over a specified period.

The Forecast Oscillator Indicator essentially measures the discrepancy between the actual price of a security and its predicted price. This discrepancy can provide traders with valuable insights into potential market trends and price reversals.

How Does the Forecast Oscillator Indicator Work?

The Forecast Oscillator Indicator calculates the difference between the actual price and the forecasted price as a percentage. This percentage is then plotted as an oscillator that oscillates around the zero line.

  • When the Forecast Oscillator is positive, it indicates that the actual price is higher than the forecast price. This suggests that the market may be in an uptrend.
  • Conversely, when the Forecast Oscillator is negative, it indicates that the actual price is lower than the forecast price, suggesting a potential downtrend.

The magnitude of the oscillator value can also provide insights into the strength of the trend.

Using the Forecast Oscillator Indicator in Trading

The Forecast Oscillator can generate valuable trading signals:

  • Buy Signal: A potential buy signal occurs when the Forecast Oscillator moves from negative to positive. This crossover indicates that the actual price has moved above the forecast price, suggesting an upward trend.
  • Sell Signal: A potential sell signal is generated when the Forecast Oscillator moves from positive to negative. This indicates that the actual price has fallen below the forecast price, suggesting a downward trend.

Like all technical indicators, the Forecast Oscillator should not be used in isolation. It’s always advisable to confirm its signals with other indicators or forms of analysis.


The Forecast Oscillator Indicator for MT5 is a powerful tool for predicting potential market trends and price movements. By comparing the actual price to a forecast price, traders can gain valuable insights that can inform their trading decisions. Although no indicator is infallible, the Forecast Oscillator can be a valuable addition to your trading toolkit. Download it for free today and start enhancing your market predictions.

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