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The CCI T3 Indicator is a powerful technical analysis tool designed to help traders identify overbought and oversold conditions in the market, as well as potential trend reversals. It is based on the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) and incorporates a triple exponential moving average (T3) to provide a smoother and more responsive indicator.

Understanding the CCI T3 Indicator

The CCI T3 Indicator calculates the CCI values using a T3 smoothing technique, which reduces noise and produces a more reliable signal. The CCI measures the difference between the current price and its average over a specific period, normalized to a statistical range. It helps traders identify overbought conditions when the CCI is above a certain threshold and oversold conditions when it is below a certain threshold.

Key Features of the CCI T3 Indicator

  1. Smoother Calculation: The T3 smoothing algorithm applied to the CCI helps filter out market noise and provides a clearer signal of price momentum.
  2. Overbought and Oversold Zones: The indicator highlights overbought and oversold levels to assist traders in identifying potential reversal points.
  3. Customizable Parameters: Traders can adjust the indicator’s sensitivity by modifying the period length and threshold values to suit their trading preferences and timeframes.

Key Benefits of the CCI T3 Indicator

  1. Momentum Confirmation: The CCI T3 Indicator confirms price momentum and helps traders validate the strength of a trend or identify potential trend reversals.
  2. Early Warning Signals: By identifying overbought and oversold conditions, the indicator can give traders early warnings of potential price corrections or trend reversals.
  3. Reduced Noise: The T3 smoothing technique applied to the CCI minimizes market noise, providing a smoother and more reliable indicator reading.

How to Download the CCI T3 Indicator for MT5

  1. Visit a reputable website that offers the CCI T3 Indicator for MT5.
  2. Locate the download button or link for the indicator.
  3. Click on the download button and save the indicator file to your computer.
  4. Open your MT5 trading platform and navigate to the “File” menu.
  5. Select “Open Data Folder” to open the MT5 data folder.
  6. In the data folder, find the “MQL5” folder and open it.
  7. Inside the “MQL5” folder, locate the “Indicators” folder and open it.
  8. Copy the downloaded CCI T3 Indicator file into the “Indicators” folder.
  9. Restart your MT5 trading platform.
  10. The CCI T3 Indicator should now be available in the “Navigator” window of your MT5 platform under the “Indicators” section.


The CCI T3 Indicator is a valuable tool for traders looking to identify overbought and oversold conditions in the market and capture potential trend reversals. Its combination of the CCI and T3 smoothing algorithm provides traders with a smoother and more accurate representation of price momentum. By downloading and utilizing the CCI T3 Indicator for MT5, traders can enhance their technical analysis and make more informed trading decisions.

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