Bheurekso Pattern Indicator For MT4

Bheurekso Pattern Indicator for MT4 can detect and display the most important candlestick pattern on the chart. In any type of trading, traders rely heavily on technical analysis, and most traders use Japanese candlesticks to do the technical analysis. One type of technical analysis is the detection and trading of candlestick patterns.

NameBheurekso Pattern Indicator 
Indicator FunctionDetects Important Candlestick Patterns
File Size63.1KB
Bheurekso Pattern Indicator Information

Working of Bheurekso Patten Indicator:

When applied to the chart, the Bheurekso indicator for MT4 will automatically detect the following candlestick patterns. 

Bheurekso Pattern Indicator
Bheurekso Pattern Indicator working
  • Bullish Harami
  • Bullish Piercing Line
  • Bullish Engulfing
  • Bullish Morning Star
  • Bullish Hammer
  • Bearish Harami
  • Bearish Piercing Line
  • Bearish Engulfing
  • Bearish Morning Star
  • Bearish Hammer

These are the most important candlestick Patterns as well. Wherever the indicator finds any of the above patterns, it will indicate this with a label containing the pattern’s name. Also, the indicator works in real-time, so whenever the indicator finds a pattern on the real-time charts, it will show us in real-time so that you can take action promptly.

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Settings of Bheurekso Patten indicator

In the indicator’s settings, you can turn on or off the patterns the indicator will detect. If the value is set to true, that means the indicator will detect that pattern. If the value is false, the indicator will skip that pattern.

Bheurekso Pattern Indicator
Bheurekso Pattern Indicator For MT4 Indicator Settings

How to trade using the Bheurekso Patten indicator for MT4:

The trading strategy for each candlestick pattern is different, but one thing you can apply to all patterns is that whenever you take a short position, you should ensure the market is in overbought conditions.

This can be done by using the rsi indicator. Also, if you are about to take a long position, you must ensure the market is in an oversold condition. Because in an oversold condition, the buyers are coming into the market, and the trend is like to move in a bullish direction.


This indicator is an excellent tool that can help you do your technical analysis quickly and effectively. But you should be cautious and not trade solely based on the pattern detected by the indicator. Always ensure that your forecast is complemented by 2 to three different types of analysis.

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