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When it comes to automated trading in the foreign exchange (forex) market, Expert Advisors (EAs) play a crucial role in executing trading strategies without the need for constant monitoring. One such EA that has gained popularity is the “00-Rcicross V101 Expert Advisor”. This EA offers traders the ability to automate their trading based on specific criteria and parameters.

Features of 00-Rcicross V101 Expert Advisor

The “00-Rcicross V101 Expert Advisor” is designed to work on the MetaTrader 4 platform, a widely used platform among forex traders. This EA comes with a range of features that can help traders in their trading activities:

Automatic Trading The EA allows for automated trading, which means that traders can set their desired parameters and let the EA execute trades on their behalf.
Customizable Settings Traders can customize the settings of the EA based on their trading strategy and risk tolerance.
Technical Indicators The EA utilizes technical indicators to identify potential trading opportunities and make trading decisions.

How Does the EA Work?

The “00-Rcicross V101 Expert Advisor” is based on a trading strategy that involves crossing of moving averages. When certain moving averages cross over or under each other, the EA generates buy or sell signals accordingly. Traders can set the parameters for these moving averages and customize other settings to suit their trading preferences.

Benefits of Using the 00-Rcicross V101 Expert Advisor

There are several benefits to using this EA for automated trading:

1. Time-Saving

By automating trading activities, traders can save time that would otherwise be spent monitoring the markets and executing trades manually.

2. Emotion-Free Trading

Automated trading eliminates the emotional aspect of trading, which can often lead to irrational decision-making. The EA follows a set of predefined rules, ensuring consistency in trading.

3. Backtesting and Optimization

Traders can backtest the EA using historical data to assess its performance under different market conditions. They can also optimize the settings to improve its profitability.


The “00-Rcicross V101 Expert Advisor” offers traders a powerful tool for automating their trading activities and implementing a specific trading strategy. By utilizing the features and benefits of this EA, traders can potentially enhance their trading efficiency and profitability in the forex market.

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